We have already 3 units of lorry applicated Raiko icebreakers in use. The activity together with the belly blade in breaking
off the middle string is excellent. Transfer and working speed is fantastic and Raiko
is asphalt friendly. Driving in narrow places are good, because no side movements occur.

Jouni Kumanto
Production manager
Car- and Machine centre
The city of Tampere


According to Mr. Agne Ohlsson, the driver
of the Volvo L90C, the Icebreaker is functioning very well. We have not sanded as much as earlier years. That gives us less wear of the rent skies. Also the cleaning personal have seen a big difference.

We can warmly recommend this product
and it works well.

Jonny Åslund
Idre Fjäll
Agne Ohlsson
Idre Fjäll

After driving with the Raiko JK 14 for
3 winters, we have with a flexible and easy way kept the winter roads even.
As a bonus we have got an increase
of friction after completed act.

Björn Sandström
Vägverket Produktion
Luleå Driftområde

The road has a surface of stone powder, where the rain and the traffic has worn the surface. Work quality and the working speed are of first degree. It is not spread any new material on the road. Excellent in summer maintenance. Compensates the Motor Grader in some operations.

Eino Minkkinen
Area Foreman
The town of Espoo

Ari Molander
Senior welder
The town of Espoo