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Raiko K series for trucks

The Raiko K can be used together with
other truck accessories, such as a belly blade, offering excellent results in one
single run. The advantage of using a truck
is that the site to be maintained can be quickly reached, so work can begin sooner. This provides notable savings in time and money. This device is also recognised for achieving good results in repairing gravel roads in summertime.

- K14 User Manual (pdf)


Raiko P series for wheel loaders - equipped with blade

Equipped with a dedicated blade. The Raiko P for wheel loaders is designed to
be pushed in front. The entire device can be operated by using the wheel loader’s controls. Wheel loaders are well suited
for removing hard-packed ice layers from roads, yards and light traffic routes.

- P14 User Manual (pdf)
- P15 User Manual (pdf)
- P16 User Manual (pdf)
- Connection of the hydraulics unit (pdf)

Raiko T series for tracktors and motor grades

Raiko Icebreakers which are pushed in front of a working machine are equipped with a tilt cylinder. These devices increase the utility of working machines and so improve cost-efficiency.

- T12 User Manual (pdf)
- T14 User Manual (pdf)
- T16 User Manual (pdf)