- Superior working speed: 40 km/25 miles/h
- Much less fuel is consumed compared to blade only -solutions
- Low operating cost renewal of the spikes aprox every 5th year
- No damages on the road surface
- Due to high operating speed less traffic jams
- Better friction on the road improving traffic safety
- Reduces need for sanding -> less dust in spring
- Less chemicals required
- Same device applies for several vehicles
- Suitable also for gravel road repairs
- Almost soundless – less noice pollution

Working principles

- spike breaks the ice always better than blate
- freely rotating spiked roller system, no motor
- flexible axel due to the applied rubber elements
- Raiko’s own weight added with some extra pressure by the
operating vehicle is enough for the spikes to pierce the ice
- broken ice removed with blade
- vehicle equipped with Raiko and blade = ideal result on one run